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About us

Dr. Nicole King is an Internal Medicine board-certified physician who practices Integrative Medicine. She received her B.A. in 1991 and her Doctor of Medicine in 1995 from Wayne State University. She completed an Internal Medicine (Adult Medicine) residency at Loyola Medical Center and completed an Integrative Medicine fellowship in 2001.
She specializes in functional medicine, preventative care, nutrition, and alternative therapies to maximize control of chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and vascular health. She serves as her patient's primary care physician or as a complement to patients who are under the care of another healthcare provider.
At Abraham's Mark we believe that the physician-patient relationship is a partnership in which goals are set by both parties and an integrated plan is created to achieve that health goal. The most effective healthcare is achieved in partnership. You partner with a knowledgeable, Integrative doctor and make a commitment to become knowledgeable then implement a strategic plan with objective measures of accomplishment. As the saying goes, change isn't change until it is changed.
Direct measures of your health status are assessed then followed. Functional Medicine focuses on not just the absence of disease but on imbalances in the body's system which indicates poor biological function that may eventually lead to poor health and chronic illness. The goal is to obtain and maintain optimal health and vitality based on the individual.
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