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Chronic Pain Management

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an injection therapy utilized to treat chronic painful conditions such as back pain or knee pain from injury or arthritis which resulted in “ligament relaxation.” Ligament relaxation is a condition whereby normal or less than normal activity results in poor joint function and pain. This procedure, prolotherapy, stimulates the body to start the healing process which strengthens the area. The restored areas have no pain. Prolotherapy solution contains proliferants, which cause the ligaments and tendons to be strengthened.
I use anti-inflammatory medication for my pain. How is Prolotherapy better?
Medications such as Motrin and Advil actually interfere with the healing process and weaken the area, increasing pain, and destroying joint health. This results in slow deterioration in the overall function. Prolotherapy does not temporarily relieve pain; it strengthens the area returning it to normal full function.
I’ve heard of cortisone injections. Is this the same?
Cortisone is a steroid that reduces inflammation. Inflammation is the process utilized by God to heal injuries. Inflammation occurs in many forms in the body and can be destructive or reparative. Prolotherapy injections cause immune cells to aid in repair of injured areas.
By limiting all inflammation as cortisone does, tissues are weakened temporarily. It is known that cortisone injections greatly decrease healing as well as the function of soft tissues and can actually result in rupture of tendons and ligaments. Prolotherapy injections aid in tissue repair, thereby relieving pain. Prolotherapy outperforms other treatments such as NSAIDS, cortisone injections, and surgery.
Under what condition is Prolotherapy used?
Prolotherapy can be used for any acute or chronic soft tissue injury (tendons and ligaments). This includes:


Back Pain

Ligament Sprains

Tennis Elbow


Sport Injuries

Pain in Hands or Feet

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Shoulder Pain/Rotator Cup Tear



Neck Pain

Knee Pain


Meniscal Tear

Degenerative Disc/Herniated Disc

How many treatments are needed?
Prolotherapy initiates repair in painful areas. It starts effective reactions that require two significant reactions by the body:

Collagen growth

Immune response


Certain conditions in the body such as chronic illness (underlying disease processes, nutritional status, and severity of injury) may also slow the healing process. At Abraham’s Mark we access your healing ability to aid in overall improvement of health and faster healing.
Will my insurance cover this?
Reimbursement depends on the coverage your insurance company provides. Most insurance companies will cover all or part of your treatment.
Now What?
Ask yourself these four questions. If any of these questions apply to you, contact Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center for an appointment.

1. Do you have numbness, tingling, or heaviness in your hands, feet or lower back?

2. Do you often experience migraines or have chronic headaches?

3. Do you have pain and swelling in your knees?

4. Do you have a “trigger” finger or pain in your hands and (or) feet?

Do yourself a favor. Your health is your greatest asset!
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