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Detoxification/Nutrition Programs

What is the Plaque X Program?

The PlaqueX program utilizes an essential phospholipids (Lecithin=Phosphatidylcholine) in the form of a series of infusions to clear clogged arteries.

General Information

1. Reduce deposits of plaque in the arterial walls.
2. Clinical studies on laboratory animals indicated that treating animals with Phosphatidylcholine over an extended period of time increased their lifespan by an average of 36%.
3. May increase male sexual potency.
4. The program involves administering PlaqueX intravenously by infusion to an individual to reverse age related changes in the lipid composition of vital organs and tissues such as heart muscle cells and red blood cells by lipid exchange.
5. Routine By-Pass surgery replaces 6 inches of arteries with veins and PlaqueX therapy opens up 75,000 miles of blood vessels in your body.

Plaque X is derived from soybeans.

6. PlaqueX reduces Homocysteine levels and thru this normalizes HDL/LDL cholesterol levels and Trigcerides.
7. It is used for a series of health conditions such as: poor circulation, heart disease, impotence, anti-aging, heavy metal poisoning, and vascular disease.


1. It is administered by infusion with a venous catheter over 60-80 minutes. A minimum of 20-30 PlaqueX infusions combined with 10-15 classical chelation treatments is suggested. Severe cases may require more.
2. There are few side effects. Occasionally, patients with a severe case of arterio-atherosclerosis can initially experience diarrhea and occasionally the liver enzymes may be temporarily elevated.
3. It is highly recommended that you see your doctor regularly.
4. Your lifestyle (smoking, drinking, healthy diet) as well as your condition of health (for example, diabetes) will dictate your results.
5. It is very important that heart patients undergo CAT scan exam before and after completing PlaqueX therapy.
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