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What We Do

Diabetes can be 2 types, Type 1 and Type 2.  Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the body doesn’t produce insulin.  This type of Diabetes occurs more often in children and must be treated with insulin replacement.  Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistant.  The body does produce insulin, but the cell is resistant to the influence of the insulin resulting in elevated blood sugar levels.  Type 2 diabetes occurs with increasing age and obesity.  It is very modifiable by diet.  Type 2 diabetes is where we focus our health care.
With the increase in obesity and the high intake of simple carbohydrates the incidence of diabetes continues to escalate.  Early diagnosis allows for diet and lifestyle changes to have a great impact on the therapies which are used to control this condition.  You, the patient, are more in control of this disease than you know.  We educate you on the nutrients and lifestyle changes that will improve your health.
Uncontrolled diabetes is associated with increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, poor circulation (peripheral artery disease), blindness, and kidney failure.  These are the well recognized areas of impact but mental clarity and overall vitality are reduced by the cellular damage caused by elevated glucose.
At Abraham’s Mark our Natural Diabetes Care combines conventional diabetic risk assessments with functional assessments and medically supervised lifestyle changes to modify diabetes.  By doing the various nutritional and functional test ,you can lower your blood sugar with less medication and obtain optimal health.  Even those well controlled blood sugar will benefit from a comprehensive functional assessment.

Assessments and Therapies:

Cell Energy and Detox Balance
Functional  Nutritional Testing
Oxidative Stress Analysis
Glucose with Insulin Production Testing
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Therapeutic Lifestyle Program
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