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First Visit

We welcome new patients to our wellness center!

Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center is built on providing complementary medical treatments based on sound science in an effort to help people maintain or regain their health and vitality so that they can fulfill their purpose in life.
Dr. Nicole King shows people, using an Integrative Medicine approach, how to safely and effectively transition from a pharmaceutical based treatment of illness to a more natural and preventative strategy, resulting in improved health.
Integrative Medical Services utilizes conventional medicine, functional medical assessments, and scientifically based complementary therapies to give you the best health with the least medication and invasive treatment as possible.
More and more people are becoming aware of the positive health benefits, and minimal side effects when utilizing complementary care for chronic disease (i.e. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and chronic pain).
At Abraham’s Mark we strive to provide the most up-to-date effective complementary care which aims to assist you to optimal health and vitality well into your senior years.
According to your health condition, the most effective care for your wellness goals will be assessed.  You partner with Dr. King and her friendly staff to make the best decisions that lead to achieving your optimal health.
We believe that the most effective healthcare incorporates conventional and alternative treatments for wellness.
Contact Details:
9500 S. Dorchester Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60628
Tel 773-667-0768