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Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

What is the FirstLine® Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Program?

FirstLine® Therapy (FLT) is a clinically-proven, structured but user-friendly, 12 week program for men and women that can be customized to fit your unique needs and preferences. Our FirstLine® Therapy practitioner will work intensively with you to develop a prescription for nutrition and activity based on your current health status and goals.
Many of us know just from common sense what leading researchers are proving in studies; that many of the health disorders we see today result from improper nutrition and a sedentary, high-stress lifestyle. But if you've had a hard time knowing where to begin and what principles are important to follow, FLT was developed with you in mind.
FLT is perfect for healthy people who believe in doing what they can to reduce their risk factors for chronic illnesses, it is also is helpful for people who have already developed a lifestyle-related or other health problem and want to do all they can to help themselves. It’s a simple, do-able program that’s been tested in the real world with people just like you.
Click here to view two FLT case studies from True North’s program participants. We've offered FLT for over three years and it has far exceeded our expectations (which were high to begin with!). In addition, the quality of True North's program brought us recognition as a Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Center of Excellence in 2008.
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