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Adult Medicine Specialist

Nicole King, MD -  - Internal Medicine

Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center

Nicole King, MD

Internal & Integrative Medicine and Female Health Located in Burnside, Chicago, IL

When children are sick or need care, they see a doctor who specializes in pediatric medicine. As an adult, you deserve the same tailored attention, so it just makes sense to choose a care provider who specializes in adult medicine. At Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center in Chicago, skilled board-certified internal medicine doctor Nicole King, MD, offers the best in integrative adult care. She uses traditional and alternative care to help you feel your best. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

Adult Medicine

What is adult medicine?

Adult medicine focuses on health concerns and issues unique to adults. It's a wide-ranging field encompassing preventive care, treatment for illnesses, and management of chronic adult health issues such as hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. 

At Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center, Dr. King partners with her patients for the betterment of their whole-body health. She can act as your primary care physician, or as a member of your health care team in combination with your current physician, according to your needs and wishes.

Dr. King combines conventional medicine and scientifically-based complementary therapies to create optimal health solutions with minimal medication and no invasive treatments.

How often do I need physical exams as an adult?

Dr. King recommends annual adult wellness exams. It’s ideal to schedule wellness exams when you’re healthy, so Dr. King can look for early signs of health problems using screenings and advanced testing. 

Of course, if you develop new health problems, it’s important to schedule an extra appointment as soon as possible. Dr. King can treat your emerging issue with immediate treatments to minimize your discomfort and shorten the amount of downtime caused by illness.

What kind of adult medicine is available?

Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center offers a wide range of care. Dr. King provides all the standard primary care you need, both when you’re well and when you’re ill. Some of the many adult  medicine services available include:

  • Complete physical
  • Preventive health assessment/screening
  • Laboratory testing
  • Chelation therapy (intravenous infusion)
  • PlaqueX for clogged arteries, improved circulation, and more
  • Prolotherapy for joint pain, migraines, arthritis, and more
  • Neural therapy for chronic pain and scars
  • Detoxification for colon and liver
  • Therapeutic lifestyle program for disease management
  • Bio-oxidative therapies for infection
  • Medical weight loss programs
  • Nutrition programs
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement for men and women
  • Anti-aging therapy

If you have special needs not included on this list, talk to Dr. King about your particular needs and concerns. She’s a highly experienced board-certified internal medicine specialist who employs a wide range of techniques and treatments to help you stay healthy.

For the best adult medicine in Chicago, call Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center, or click the online booking tool to make your appointment now.