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Nicole King, MD -  - Internal Medicine

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Nicole King, MD

Internal & Integrative Medicine and Female Health Located in Burnside, Chicago, IL

The way that you nourish your body has a significant effect on your whole-body health, and that’s why Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center in Chicago provides personalized nutrition programs to help you be your best. Nicole King, MD, a board-certified internal medicine specialist, offers programs to help you revamp your approach to nutrition while reversing damage from poor eating in the past. Click the online booking tool or call the office to learn more about nutrition programs now.

Nutrition Programs

How can a nutrition program help me?

Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center offers FirstLine Therapy, a nutrition and lifestyle program that can help you eat better, lose extra weight, and delay the onset of old age and disease. 

In this nutrition and lifestyle program, you’ll learn balanced eating habits, stress reduction, optimal exercise routines, and proper nutritional supplementation. You’ll see your Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center providers regularly for support and guidance to ensure ideal results. 

What kind of clinical tests do I need for the nutrition program?

The FirstLine Therapy program starts with a full functional assessment that includes comprehensive clinical tests. The evaluation can look for serious health problems like leaky gut and bacterial overgrowth that might be causing poor gastrointestinal health and inhibiting your whole-body wellness. 

If you have leaky gut or bacterial overgrowth, your intestines leak harmful toxins into your body. Leaky gut can cause serious health problems and even disease. But, you can control it or bacterial overgrowth with the right diet and supplements.

With the information from your assessments, Dr. King and Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center team plan a highly personalized program just for you. Through this customized program, you’ll improve your muscle-to-fat ratio, which boosts your metabolism and reduces your risk of illness. This also helps you lose weight faster if needed. 

What is a cleansing treatment?

PlaqueX is an IV treatment that cleans plaque from your arteries. This treatment can normalize your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Additionally, PlaqueX infusion can help you detoxify and treat the following problems:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Heart disease
  • Male impotence
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Vascular disease

Many men and women also enjoy the anti-aging benefits of PlaqueX infusions. This treatment can change the lipid composition of your vital organs, including your heart, via a process called lipid exchange. It can return you to the health you had when you were younger.


PlaqueX treatments offer amazing detox benefits, and might even extend your life. According to clinical studies on lab animals, PlaqueX treatments over an extended period boosted total lifespan by approximately 36%. 

At Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center, Plaque X treatments are combined with chelation (IV nutrient infusion) therapy for maximum health and wellness. 

Cleansing treatments can be a great way to start your new nutrition programs. When a newly cleansed body, you’re in the ideal state to enjoy maximum results.

To learn how to maximize your health with nutrition programs at Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center, call the office or book online now.