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Medical Weight Loss Specialist

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Nicole King, MD

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If you hate the constant fight to lose weight and you’re ready to stop fad diets, at last, a medical weight loss program at Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center in Chicago could be perfect for you. Nicole King, MD, takes an integrative approach with natural options and therapeutic lifestyle guidance to help you maximize weight loss and whole-body health. Call the office or use the online scheduler to learn more now.

Medical Weight Loss

What is the medical weight loss program?

The medical weight loss program at Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center is a therapeutic lifestyle program called FirstLine Therapy. With this program, you'll not only shed the extra pounds but also learn how to make the smart choices that help you keep the weight off permanently. 

The FirstLine Therapy program is based on years of comprehensive scientific research. Researchers learned that many chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, can be prevented and potentially even treated with better nutrition and lifestyle choices. Weight loss is the same way: with the right decisions and knowledge, you can succeed in, long term.

How does the medical weight loss program work?

You'll start with a comprehensive health assessment, including extensive laboratory testing. The schedule for the medical weight loss program is:

Week 1

In your first week, you'll meet with Dr. King to discuss your test results and formulate your weight loss and health goals. Dr. King gives you a program guidebook, specific weight loss instructions, and customized nutritional supplement recommendations at this time. If you need specific medications, Dr. King may prescribe them as well.

Weeks 2-5

In weeks 2-5, you'll visit Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center once a week to get lifestyle counseling and weight loss support.

Week 6

In week 6, you'll have another series of tests. These tests show you how far you've come, and also help Dr. King determine whether you need to make any dietary adjustments for maximum success. 

Weeks 7-11

During weeks 7-11, you'll continue weekly visits at Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center for lifestyle coaching and weight loss support. 

Week 12

In week 12, you'll have to retest to check on your progress. 

After that, you'll continue with weekly visits or transition into the maintenance program so you can enjoy a healthy weight and good whole-body health for the long term. 

Do I need to exercise to lose weight?

Increasing your muscle-to-fat ratio, which boosts your metabolic rate, is one of the most important things you can do to speed up weight loss and improve your health. You don’t have to start a hard-core weight lifting program, but a simple physical activity plan is very helpful during your medical weight loss program. 

Use the online booking tool or call Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center office to get started on your weight loss plan now.