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Nicole King, MD -  - Internal Medicine

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Nicole King, MD

Internal & Integrative Medicine and Female Health Located in Burnside, Chicago, IL

When you need a women’s health care provider, it means a great deal to find someone who treats you as the unique individual that you are. At Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center in Chicago, experienced internal medicine physician Nicole King, MD, offers personalized women’s health exams as well as natural, nonsurgical treatments for common female problems like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), uterine fibroids, and menopause. Use the online scheduler or book your appointment by calling the office now.

Women's Health

How often do I need a women’s health exam?

Most women need annual women’s health exams to maintain peak health and wellness. Your body can change a great deal in just one year, and it’s important to stay ahead of serious problems by having annual exams as-recommended by your Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center provider, Dr. King. 

What do women’s annual health exams include?

Annual women’s health exams have a few different components, including:

Pelvic exam

In a pelvic exam, Dr. King checks your vaginal and reproductive health. Dr. King also performs Pap smear tests, screening for the earliest indicators of cervical cancer, as part of your pelvic exam. You might not need a Pap smear every year, so Dr. King makes customized recommendations based on your age, current health, and past health. 

Clinical breast exam

In a clinical breast exam, Dr. King examines your breasts to look for lumps or other potential problems. Depending on your age and your history, Dr. King refers you for mammograms as-needed. 

Family planning and birth control

If you need family planning and birth control guidance, Dr. King can recommend solutions tailored to your needs. 

Support for female problems and concerns

As part of your women’s health exam, Dr. King discusses your feminine health and identifies potential issues. If you’re dealing with ongoing problems like PMS, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or other common women’s health issues, Dr. King can prescribe a natural, nonsurgical solution.

You might also need other specific tests during your women’s health exam, based on your needs. Dr. King may refer you for bone density imaging. This is a test commonly needed in the menopausal years because bone loss is so common during that time. 

Do I still need annual women’s exams when I’m in menopause?

Yes, and in fact, women’s health care is more important than ever during menopause. Many women experience the problems associated with menopause, such as mood swings, low libido, and hot flashes, and assume that it’s an unfortunate part of life. However, there’s no reason to feel miserable during menopause. 

During your annual women’s exam, or at any other time when you’re having menopause symptoms and need help, Dr. Knight can customize a treatment for you. This treatment may include natural plant-derived bioidentical hormones. 

For the best in integrative women’s health care, call Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center, or book online today.