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Detoxification Specialist

Nicole King, MD -  - Internal Medicine

Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center

Nicole King, MD

Internal & Integrative Medicine and Female Health Located in Burnside, Chicago, IL

When you’re sick or have poor overall health, toxins within the body are often the underlying cause. At Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center in Chicago, experienced internal medicine physician Nicole King, MD, offers detoxification treatments with nutritional support to maximize your system and help you feel your best. Call the office or use online booking to make your appointment today.


What is detoxification treatment?

Detoxification treatment at Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center removes dangerous toxins from your body to restore good health. This type of treatment is performed via infusion, which means you relax while the solutions enter your bloodstream directly through a small puncture in your arm. 

How does detoxification treatment work?

Before your detoxification treatment starts, Dr. King performs a screening to determine what kind of toxins are making you ill. The testing establishes eligibility and helps Dr. King customize your detox program. Detoxification treatment is highly individualized for your needs. Dr. King works with you to design an optimal program based on your state of health, finances, and lifestyle. 

Typically, detoxification treatment includes PlaqueX and intravenous (IV) chelation therapy. PlaqueX detoxifies your body, and IV chelation therapy introduces the nutrients that you're missing. 

What kinds of problems can detoxification help with?

Detoxification therapy is ideal for all of the following issues. 

  • Slow circulation
  • Heart disease
  • Male impotence
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Vascular disease
  • Clogged arteries
  • Drug toxicity
  • Low antioxidant levels

Additionally, the combination of PlaqueX and IV therapy can restore healthy levels of the essential nutrients that you're missing right now. Through lipid exchange, detoxification treatment can alter the lipid composition in your heart and other vital organs. Essentially, this means that a detoxification treatment can help you get your younger heart back again. 

How many detoxification treatments do I need?

Most patients get optimum results with a series of 20-30 PlaqueX infusions, along with 10-15 IV therapy sessions. Each session lasts for approximately 60-80 minutes, and Dr. King administers all treatments onsite at Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center. 

Side-effects are rare, and you can generally resume your regular routine as soon as your detoxification sessions are complete. Of course, the best way to detoxify and attain maximum body function is to follow a sensible nutrition and exercise plan under Dr. King’s guidance. She can help you eradicate disease and even chronic illness. 

If you’re ready to eliminate the toxins that are destroying your health, call Abraham’s Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center or click the online appointment tool to get started on your customized detox program now.