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Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

Integrative Hypertension Care

Hypertension continues to be one of the most prevalent chronic illnesses in society. Blood pressures over 130/80 is classified as stage one hypertension and is associated with an increased incidence of disease and death (Blood Pressure Readings).

Most management strategies for hypertension involve only medication but dietary changes and correction of abnormal cellular functions are essential for improved blood pressure control with less pharmaceutical drugs(Nutrition Impacts Blood Pressure). Addressing these dysfunctions may improve control of blood pressure as well as other organ systems.
Weight Loss Can Be Achieved

Body, Mind, Soul

Good health is to be defended.

Obesity in America has become an issue effecting the economy both personally and nationally. It is as an epidemic. In an article from the CDC it is reported that over nine states have 30% of its population as obese (body mass index 30 or greater).

Only 9 years ago no state had this distinction. The government goal set in the community out reach program Healthy 2010 for 15% of the population reducing their weight was obviously not meet but instead more people gained weight.

Research completed at the University of Alabama identified 10 causes of obesity outside of those usually recognized such as increased fast food intake and lack of exercise.

Health Benefits of Detoxification

Effective detoxification has these primary parts: reduced intake of toxic substances, Increase intake of vegetables and low allergenic foods and medical food supplementation including fiber and probiotics. Those with frequent headaches, skin sensitivity, fatigue, joint pain, menstrual pain, and some chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes are those probably in greater need of detoxification. A bioimpedance analysis (BIA) which measures body fluid levels is a tool which can also be used to assess need for detoxification. This can also be an objective measure to the success of your cleanse. The goal of cleansing is to improve cellular function with the goal of reducing chronic illness.

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